The Committee

Our committee for the academic year 2020/2021


Arjun Sharma

Arjun was our social secretary last year and is one of the most welcoming committee members, with a strong passion for caving. He's the new President of the committee, is mischievous and incredibly fun. You are guaranteed to have a good trip if Arjun is there.

Outside of the club he plays badminton and likes to read.


William Dewdney

Will's been caving for 2 years and loves caving, especially SRT! He enjoys spending time with the club as we're all super welcoming and also an amazing way to take a break from studying. He always brings work on caving trips but rarely gets any of it done.

Training and Safety Officer

Joseph Saum

Joe joined the club at the beginning of 2019 on the search for an adventure. Through the club he has now a strong passion for the sport and loves spending time with and being part of the welcoming community that comes with it.

Joe studies physics, enjoys playing the piano in his downtime and wants to travel.